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Noon supervisors

Dalton has wonderful staff who supervise the students during lunch time!  Lupita and Michelle are just two of our noon supervisors who make sure students are safe and flourishing!

Noon Supervisors

Classified Employee of the Year at Dalton

Lucy Vargas is our custodian, and is the Dalton Classified Employee of the Year!


Teachers and Support Staff

Transitional Kindergarten  
Ms. Eyster Room 18
Ms. Servin Room 23
Ms. Ramos Room 16
First Grade  
Ms. Rubio Room 14
Ms. Maeda Room 1
Second Grade  
Ms. Huizar Room 6
Mr. Poe Room 13
Third Grade  
Ms. Eubanks Room 12
Ms. Meholitch / Ms. Rice  Room 17
Fourth & Fifth Grade  
Ms. Miranda Room 5
Fourth Grade  
Ms. Ruiz Room 4
Fifth Grade  
Mr. Miranda Room 2
Resource Teacher  
Mr. Cahill  
Education Specialist  
Ms. French-Burton Room 3


Contact Us


Laura Clarke, Principal


Patricia Sanchez, Secretary

Support Staff


Office Staff:
Deanna Montoya

- Clerk
Vanessa Pajares

- Health Aide


Instructional Aides:
Christina Chavez
Brenda Martinez
Vicky Pollock


Library Media Center:
Eva Ceniceros-Uribe


Noon Supervision:
Alyssa Tellez
Valerie Avelar
Jackie Sanchez
Vicky Pollock
Maria Castrejon
Michelle Rodriguez


Support Staff:

– Psychologist
Andrea Elgrichi

– Speech/Language
Danny Reed

– PE Teacher
Mary Turner

- Music Teacher
Viridiana Marchena

- Beginning Band Teacher


Lucy Vargas

– Day Custodian
Danny Harbin

– Night Custodian