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Behavior policy


General School Rules 

  • Dalton students follow directions. 
  • Dalton students treat each other with respect. 
  • Dalton students behave properly. 
  • Dalton students dress appropriately. 
  • Dalton students use school equipment for its intended purposes. 
  • Dalton students leave personal items at home. 
  • Dalton students take pride in their school. 
  • Playground Rules 
  • Play in assigned areas. 
  • Use balls, equipment and picnic tables properly. 
  • Use restrooms and drinking fountains properly. 
  • Walk on the blacktop, sidewalks and hallways. 
  • Take turns and share the equipment. 

Cafeteria Rules

  • Be responsible for lunch money/card.
  • Sit/eat/speak quietly. 
  • Clean eating space. 
  • Stay on blue line to and from cafeteria with hands at side. 
  • Food must be eaten in cafeteria. Food is not to be taken to the playground.

Behavior Policy

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

Dalton School implements a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) program. Typical school discipline systems react to student misbehavior, but we wanted something more positive that would emphasize teaching and rewarding appropriate behaviors. PBIS has been introduced to help staff focus children on the types of behaviors we want them to display as opposed to the ones we don’t want them to emulate. A fundamental part of this program is to establish clear expectations and to encourage a sense of community in which we all play a positive role in our school’s success and safety. This school-wide program utilizes proactive strategies in defining and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. The PBIS program reinforces our ongoing Character Education, which are the 8 Keys of Success. The PBIS team has developed school wide expectations and a system of positive reinforcement to be implemented throughout the school including the cafeteria, bathrooms, playground , Media Center and transitions. Dalton has created the acronym, PAWS, which stands for: be Positive, Act with respect, Work together be Safe. A system of acknowledgements, including our PAW tickets, help motivate students to do their best. We celebrate positive behavior , and believe that by helping students engage in appropriate behavior, we will form a school community where all students have the opportunity to grow and succeed.


La Escuela Dalton implementa un Programa de Intervención de Comportamiento Positivo y Apoyo (PBIS). Sistemas escolares de disciplina típicamente reaccionan al mal comportamiento del estudiante, pero queríamos algo más positivo que destacar comportamientos apropiados de enseñanza. PBIS se ha introducido para ayudar al personal a enfocara a los niños hacia el comportamiento que queremos mostrar al contrario del comportamiento que no queremos que desarrollen . Una parte fundamental de este programa es establecer expectativas claras y fomentar un sentido de comunidad en la que todos jugamos un papel positivo en el éxito y la seguridad de nuestra escuela. Este programa de toda la escuela utiliza estrategias pro activas en la definición y apoyo a comportamientos del estudiante apropiado para crear un ambiente escolar positivo. El programa PBIS refuerza nuestra Educación de Carácter, que son las 8 Claves del Éxito. El equipo de PBIS ha desarrollado expectativas escolares y un sistema de refuerzo positivo para implementarse en toda la escuela incluyendo la cafetería, baños, parque infantil, salón de computadoras y transiciones. Dalton ha creado las siglas, PAWS, que significan: ser Positivos, Actuar con respeto, (W) trabajar juntos, Estar Seguros. Un sistema de reconocimientos, incluyendo nuestros boletos PAWS, ayudan a motivar a los estudiantes a hacer todo lo posible. Celebramos el comportamiento positivo y creemos que al ayudar a los estudiantes a involucrarse en el comportamiento apropiado, formaremos una comunidad escolar donde todos los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de crecer y tener éxito.

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Laura Clarke, Principal


Patricia Sanchez, Secretary


Lunch with the Principal

Available monthly for those that purchase this privilege using their "PAW Tickets."

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Kids having a meal
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