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Visitors on Campus

Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom, however, prior notification needs to be given to the teacher and an appointment at a mutually agreeable date and time needs to be arranged.  All visitors need to check into the office when arriving on campus and wear a visitor sticker at all times.   Legal responsibility prevents us from allowing visits by children who are friends or relatives.  If the purpose of the visit is for an observation or to take a tour, an administrator or designee will schedule this appointment and will accompany the parent during this visit.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteer Orientation is held at the beginning of the school year.  All volunteers wishing to serve in the classroom need to attend the Volunteer Orientation or a training session with the Principal or Community Liaison.  Volunteers perform valuable services and are much appreciated.  We ask that all volunteers follow the student dress code listed in this handbook.  Parents wishing to help should contact their child’s teacher and/or the school office.  Classroom teachers determine their need for volunteers and communicate their plan for the use of classroom  volunteers to the administrations.  The names of volunteers with whom they have made prior arrangements are included in the school-wide calendar.  All volunteers need to check into the office when arriving on campus and wear a visitor sticker at all times.   Legal responsibility prevents us from allowing visits by children who are friends or relatives.   At times, teachers do not request parent volunteers to serve in the classroom, or they may limit the number of volunteers and/or time which they serve.  For this reason, we facilitate additional opportunities to volunteer at Dalton.  With the assistance of the Community Liaison and under the direction of administration, we facilitate other volunteering opportunities such as group projects and events, helping students/teachers in another classroom and attending field trips.  Any parent attending a field trip must have been fingerprinted and cleared by the district office.  Parents interested in being fingerprinted need to contact the principal.

School Policies

Bullying, Nondiscrimination and Hate Behavior Policies

Azusa USD Board Policy 5145.3 prohibits unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the student’s actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.  Prohibited discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying includes physical, verbal, nonverbal, or written conduct based on one of the categories listed above that is so severe and pervasive that it affects a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from an educational program or activity; creates an intimidating, threatening, hostile or offensive educational environment; has the effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with a student’s academic performance; or otherwise adversely affects a student’s educational opportunities.  


The Governing Board desires to provide a safe school environment that protects students from physical and emotional harm.  District employees shall establish student safety as a high priority and shall not tolerate bullying of any student.  No student or group of students shall, through physical, written, verbal means, harass, sexually harass, intimidate, cyberbully, cause bodily harm or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.  Students are encouraged to notify school staff when they are being bullied or suspect that another student is being victimized.  Students may submit to a teacher or administrator a verbal or written complaint of conduct they consider to be bullying.  Any student who engages in bullying on school premises, or off campus in a manner that causes or is likely to cause a substantial disruption of a school activity or school attendance, shall be subject to discipline, which may include suspension or expulsion, in accordance with district policies and regulations.


Dalton students, parents/guardians, and employees are provided information and training regarding  discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying at least once each semester, including what constitutes prohibited behavior, how to report incidents and to whom such reports should be made.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The Governing Board is committed to maintaining an educational environment that is free from harassment.  The Board prohibits sexual harassment of students by other students, employees or other persons, at school or school sponsored or school related activities.  The Board also prohibits retaliatory behavior or action against persons who complain, testify, assist or otherwise participate in the complaint process.  Sexual harassment is defined as unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal, physical, or visual conduct of a sexual nature.  A student or employee who feels that he/she is being or has been subjected to sexual harassment shall immediately contact his/her teacher/supervisor.  A school employee to whom a complaint is made by a student or employee shall, within 24 hours receiving the complaint, report it to the principal or designee.  The principal or designee to whom the complaint of sexual harassment is reported to shall investigate the complaint in accordance with administrative regulations.  All complaints of sexual harassment shall be kept confidential except as necessary to carry out the investigation or take other subsequent necessary action.

Emergency Procedures

Henry Dalton Elementary School has a disaster plan in the event of an emergency situation.  This is a district wide program designed to provide temporary shelter and assistance to our students.  Regular drills are held to assure that students and staff are aware of their roles in an emergency situation.  During an actual emergency, gates will be locked and students will be released from the North parking lot, unless you are notified otherwise.  To ensure an accurate account for every student and maintain their safety, we ask that you please adhere to the following procedures to pick-up you child in case of an emergency disaster:

  1. Arrive to school or another designated site immediately after instructed to do so.  This communication will be done through our typical means of contacting parents (phone message, email, text and alert through the AUSD app).  

  2. Form one line (please remember that all the other parents are also there to pick up their children).

  3. Show your ID and give the name of the child/children you are picking up.  Students will only be released to parents or designees on the emergency card.  

  4. Wait for your child/children in the waiting area.  Your child will be escorted to the waiting area by a school employee or designee.

It is vital that your contact information and all information on the emergency card is current.  Any time there is a change of address, phone number or contact, notify the school office immediately.  

Contact Us


Laura Clarke, Principal


Patricia Sanchez, Secretary

School Library Policy

Dalton students visit the school library weekly with their teacher.  Students check out a book, which is due the following week.  If a student does not return their book, they will not be allowed to check out another book until the missing book is returned.  Notices will be sent home to parents, informing them of missing materials.  If the book is lost, there is a $12.00 fee.  If materials are not returned or paid for, students may lose their library privileges.  Report Cards may be held until materials are cleared.

Honor Roll

Fourth and Fifth Grade students are eligible for earning Honor Roll.  Guidelines include:

Honor Roll

Students who receive a 3.0 average on their Report Card in all academic areas and receive no “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory.” 

Principal’s Honor Roll

Students who receive a 3.5 average on their Report Card in all academic areas and receive no “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory.”

Cell Phone Policy

We recognize that cell phones have become a common tool for communication.  However, they have also become a major distraction to the learning environment and are vulnerable to theft.  We ask that you allow your child to carry a cell phone only if absolutely necessary.  Students are allowed to carry cell phones to school.  However, phones must be turned off and stored out of sight during school hours.  Phones may not be used to talk, take pictures, play games, record or text during school hours, including recesses.  Parent permission to carry a phone must be on file in the school office.  If a student violates the cell phone policy, they will have the following consequences:


First Infraction-Students will have their cell phone taken away and returned at the end of the day.

Second Infraction-Students will have their cell phone taken and locked up in the office until a parent can come to school to retrieve it.

Third Infraction-Students will no longer be allowed to bring a cell phone to school until a parent conference with the principal is held.


Dalton School and the Azusa Unified School District are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen phones, CD players, iPods or electronic gaming devices, CD players, iPods or electronic gaming devices are not permitted at school.