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Project Lead The Way

Dalton Kindergarten students in Mrs. Servin's Class engineer projects as part of the Project Lead the Way Instruction and activities.

Students showcase structure

Student shows artwork

Holiday treat!

PTA sponsored a wonderful holiday event, which included a spaghetti dinner, a drama presentation of Dalton student writing by the AHS Academy of Performing Arts and photos with Santa.  It was awesome!

Great Nutrition Information

Check out our Nutrition Services' new web site which features good information on nutrition, exercise and keeping your children healthy.

Did you know...this generation of young people is the first that is forecast to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents? 1 in 3 or 4 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes at some point in their lifetime. The prevalence of overweight kids among 6 to 11 year olds has doubled in the past 20 years and tripled for teens.

Our School

Project Lead the Way: STEM Program

Dalton First Graders in Mrs. Rubio's class explored the qualities of light and shadow throughout the day as the earth rotated on its axis.

Students outlining shadows in chalk

Dalton's Mascot is the bobcat

Student poses with Bobcat Mascot


Opportunities for Parents

Dalton is committed to developing partnerships with parents and providing educational opportunities.  Here are just a few of the exciting offerings Dalton has to involve our community:

  • "Grassroots" English as a Second Language Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-10:30
  • Parent Teacher Association Monthly Meetings 
  • Parent Room for increased parent involvement
  • Parent Volunteering in classrooms and on campus
  • ELAC Meetings 
  • School Site Council Meetings
  • Coffee with the Principal 
  • Families in Schools Trainings 
  • Dalton parent representation on the Superintendent's Parent Roundtable (see principal for details)
  • Dalton parent representation on the School Site Council (see principal for details)
  • Dalton parent representation on the PAC+ (see principal for details)
  • Dalton parent representation on Families in Schools (see principal for details)
  • Dalton parent representation at Parent University (see principal for details)
Slauson Big Buddies

Slauson Middle School AVID students are matched up with primary students at Dalton to provide mentorship and build relationships.  They engage in activities and communication all year, which benefits both older and younger students alike.

Dalton Students Getting Hands-On With Math

Dalton teachers have been hard at work to implement our new Math Program, Everyday Mathematics.  This program address California Common Core State Standards and addresses the skills students need to really understand Math concepts and apply them effectively. These skills, which focus on critical thinking, will prepare students for college, career and beyond.  

Dalton Students Getting Hands-On With Math

Dalton Promotes a Positive School Environment

Our students teach one another the importance of PAWS!  PAWS is an easy way for Dalton Bobcats to remember the school-wide behavior expectations of:  be Positive, Act with respect, Work together and be Safe!

Dalton Promotes a Positive School Environment