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Meet the Masters

Dalton students learn about famous artists through a wonderful program called Meet the Masters.  All students participate in instruction and in recreating famous art pieces.  This year we are studying Cezanne, Da Vinci, Seurat and Klee.


Kindergarten students in Ms. Ramos' class study Paul Cezanne

Ms. Miranda's 4th and 5th Graders Learn about Georges Seurat

Mrs. Miranda's students also learned about Paul Klee



Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Dalton students are STEM students through Project Lead the Way.  Mrs. Miranda's Fourth Graders engage in physics and robotics in hands-on activities and collaboration.



Wonders in Action!

Our new Language Arts Curriculum, Wonders, is getting students to think critically and dig deeper.  Here are Mrs. Rubio's First Grade students who are using maps to think critically and address the common core standards.



During Dalton's STEM Project Lead the Way program, students at all grades learn computer coding appropriate for their age level.


Parent Wonders Training

Dalton parents had the opportunity to learn about the technology resources available to them in the online English Language Arts Wonders program.


Collaboration is Key

Students in Mrs. Miranda's 4th Grade class learn through collaboration, which is a key skill

for college and Career Readiness.

Response to Intervention

Dalton students receive targeted intervention or extension to meet their academic needs through an academic framework called "Response to Intervention."


Everyday Math

The Everyday Mathematics (EM4) program is the district-adopted curriculum and is based on Common Core State Standards.  Developed by The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, the Everyday Mathematics spiral curriculum continually reinforces abstract math concepts through concrete real-world applications.  The students love the challenging and interactive nature of the program!


Mrs. Rubio's First Grade Students Use Everyday Objects to Learn About Non-Standard Measurement

Mrs. Rubio's class doing Math games to practice concepts




Project Lead the Way

Dalton students are STEM students!  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Project Lead the Way is our STEM program at all grade levels and is AWESOME!


Third Grade students in Ms. Maeda's class learn about coding, and really excel!



First Grade students in Mrs. Rubio and Ms. Eubank's classes studied animal adaptations, and determined which type of bird's beak is best adapted to each type of food.  They had a blast doing it!





Kindergarten students in Ms. Servin's Class engineer buildings that can withstand the wind strength of an electric blower!

Students in Ms. Ruiz' Fourth Grade class work on energy expended during a collision!


Mr. Miranda's Fifth Grade class make presentations on robotics!